Episode 2: Creation of Races

Episode 2: Creation of Races

Einhasad was goddess of creation and created forms using her own spirit. Her children used their own powers to create life from these forms.

Shilen instilled the spirit of water into the first form that was created. This is how the race of elves was created.

Paagrio instilled the spirit of fire into the second form that was created. This is how the race of orcs was created.

Maphr instilled the spirit of earth into the third form. This is how the race of dwarves was created.

Sayha instilled the spirit of wind into the fourth form. This is how the race of arteias was created.

Gran Kain was a god of destruction. When he saw the work of Einhasad, he became curious and jealous. He imitated Einhasad and created a form in his own image. Then he went to see Shilen, their oldest daughter, and asked her to instill spirit into the form. Shilen was very surprised and told him, "Father, why do you want to do such a thing? Einhasad, my mother, is responsible for creation. Please do not covet the type of work that is not yours. A creature who receives life from a god of destruction will only bring about disaster."

But Gran Kain would not give up. After much cajoling and persuading, finally he was able to obtain Shilen's consent.

"I will do it then. But I have already given the spirit of water to Mother. So the only thing I can give you is the leftovers." Shilen gave the spirit of stagnant and rotten water to Gran Kain. Gran Kain gladly accepted it.

However, Gran Kain felt that it was not enough to give only one spirit to his creature. So he went to see Paagrio, his oldest son. Like Shilen, Paagrio also warned his father. However, he could not refuse Gran Kain. So he gave the spirit of dying fire to Gran Kain. Gran Kain gladly accepted it.

Maphr also pleaded with her father with tears in her eyes but ended up giving the spirit of barren and contaminated earth to her father. Sayha, in his turn, gave his father the spirit of wild and violent wind.

Satisfied, Gran Kain took everything that was given to him and cried, "Look at the living creatures I am making! Look at they who are born with the spirit of water, the spirit of fire, the spirit of earth and the spirit of wind. They will be stronger and wiser than giants! They will rule the world!'

Gran Kain shouted with great pride to all the world and instilled spirit into the creatures of his own image. However, the result was terrible. His creatures were weak, stupid, sly, and cowardly. All the other gods despised Gran Kain's creatures. Overcome by the shame of his failure, Gran Kain abandoned his creatures and went into hiding for a time. These creatures are called humans.

The race of elves was wise and knew how to perform magic. But they were less wise than giants. Therefore, giants let the elves serve them in politics and magic-related activities.

The race of orcs was strong. They possessed inexhaustible strength and great will power. However, they were not as strong as giants. Therefore, giants let orcs serve them in warfare.

The race of dwarves was skilled. They were good engineers, skilled mathematicians and excelled in fine craftsmanship. The giants allowed them to serve in banking and manufacturing work.

The winged race of arteias was freedom-loving and possessed undying curiosity. Giants wanted to capture and subjugate the free-flying creatures, but as soon as an arteia was locked up in a cage, it quickly lost its strength and died. Giants were left with no choice but to allow the arteias to fly free. The arteias visited the city of giants to give them news from other parts of the world.

Humans could not do any one thing well and thus become slaves to the giants, doing all sorts of menial labor. The life of humans was not any better than that of animals.