Episode 10: An Ally Turns Foe

The human-elf alliance gradually began to overtake the orcs. As the tides of battle turned in favor of the alliance, the dwarves shifted allegiance from the orcs and began to craft battle supplies for the humans. With the stronger armor and sharp dwarven weapons, the humans could now defeat the orc army without the aid of elven forces.

The elves grew uneasy, even as the alliance victories grew in number. They could sense the humans growing stronger and beyond their control. Yet the elves did not allow their uneasiness to grow to concern, for they could not imagine that the lowliest of them all - the human trash - could conceive a revolution. And with final victory over the orcs within reach, the elves had no time to dwell on worries of the humans. The humans continued to learn higher forms of magic, and eventually the war ended with the victory of the human-elf alliance. The orcs were forced to sign a humiliating peace treaty and quickly retreated to the safety of their lairs in the northern parts of Elmore.

The leader of the orcs laughed as he departed, "Foolish elves. This victory is not yours, but that of the dirty humans. How do you propose to control these monsters of your creation?"

True to his bitter words, the elves now faced a new threat - the humans. But after the long battle, the elves were left too weary and weak to fight. In contrast, the humans with their new powers of magic, were strong. And thus, the humans rose up against the elves.

Too late, the elves realized they had taken under their wings the offspring of dragons. A fierce battle of magic versus magic once again shook the land. But the elves were too weak to suppress the forces of the humans. The elves were slowly pushed back until they were forced to retreat to the safety of their forest. From their secure position, they prepared for the final clash against the humans. Elven magic was strongest in these woods and they sought to use this advantage to victory.

The elves dug deep dungeons that quickly echoed with the clanging of swords and shouts of battle. But the ultimate victors in the three-month siege were the humans. Neither elven pride, nor the magical powers of the elven woods, nor even the superior magic of the elves could stand against the endless stream of human armies. The elves suffered great damage and eventually escaped deep into the forest. In retreat, they cast strong barriers around their woods to prevent the trespassing of humans and other races.

And thus, humans became the conquerors of all the land.